Old School New Body is a popular fitness program designed for people of all ages. It consists of a number of audio files and eBooks designed to help you turn your body into a fat burning machine.

The main guide consists of one hundred and one pages and focuses on the Old School New Body F4X exercises, which are said to have body shaping and youth-enhancing benefits. This program is specifically designed to minimize the risk of common injuries and strains that can occur during an intense workout, which is what makes this fitness program a great choice for people over the age of forty.

Old School New Body Book Overview

As we grow older, we start to notice certain changes in the body and they tend to force us to work harder in an attempt to stay in shape. Some people may feel too soft and flabby as they grow older, while others will feel too skinny and weak. Getting back into shape with a program that offers positive results and pro workouts is what this program is all about.

Inside this package, you’ll find a complete Old School New Body diet plan, exercise plan, and a nutrition guide, all of which are designed to give your body a total overhaul.chery

The Old School New Body F4X exercises are designed to boost the metabolism while minimizing the risk of injury during a tough workout session. These workouts combine cardio with weight training, so you’ll enjoy tough exercises that focus on building muscle and burning fat. The program targets middle-aged people, taking a different approach to building endurance and strength.

Becky and Steve Holman are the authors of this innovative workout program, which they created as a way to show family, friends, and gym goers their secrets behind their incredibly fit bodies. Both Becky and Steve are over the age of fifty, yet they look ten years younger. Their fit physiques didn’t happen overnight, but they have learned some innovative workout tips and tricks that helped them along the way. Becky is currently a regular contributor to Iron Man Magazine, where she’s written many articles on fitness and nutrition.

For over twenty-five years, Steve has been the editor in chief of the magazine. He’s also been a fitness enthusiast for more than thirty-five years and has written over twenty books.

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Free Bonus Guides and Audio Interviews

Aside from the main guides, you’ll also get a ton of free bonuses including:

  • Sex and Anti-Aging report
  • Muscle Building Secrets report
  • Health and Happiness report
  • Fat Burning Secrets report

These mini-guides feature tips and advice regarding foods and supplements that you can try to increase libido, burn fat, and boost your energy level.

You’ll also get a total of six audio interviews with some of the leading fitness pros in the industry.

Old School New Body F4X Exercise Protocol

This program features F4X exercises that are designed to burn fat and maximize weight loss using a more structured approach.

When you work out, you’ll need to choose a weight that you’re able to lift well or with moderate difficulty. You’ll do a total of four sets of ten reps. Between each set, there will be a thirty-five second rest period.

The first set should be fairly easy, but by the fourth set, you’ll definitely struggle. This helps to reduce the risk of injury while minimizing the impact on the joints. It also ensures that you’re working all the fibers in the muscles.

This workout program only requires you to exercise for ninety minutes a week.

Due to the faster pace and short resting time, you’ll enjoy a workout that includes both resistance training and cardio in a single move. This allows you to work smart, not hard. During your workout, your heart rate should fall below one hundred and ten to one hundred and twenty BPM. This will guarantee that you’re burning more fat and calories.

Having chosen a moderately difficult weight to work out with, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a high-intensity workout in a short amount of time.

The program features four core exercises that are considered the most effective:

  • Upright rows
  • Squats
  • Incline presses
  • Bent over rows

This training system features three different workout plans, each of which will focus on specific fitness goals and all three workouts include the four core exercises. Regardless of the workout program you choose, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete. The minimal workout will only take half an hour.

Lean workout: This routine is designed for beginners and features four exercises. This workout can be completed in as little as thirty minutes and should be repeated three times a week. This is a great workout for your recovery day or on days when you’re not feeling a longer one-hour workout.

Shape workout: This routine is perfect if you’re looking for a high-intensity workout. It includes the same four core exercises. This workout can be done three times a week and will take around forty-five minutes to complete. Most beginners tend to go between the Shape workout and the Lean workout to get a lean body.

Build workout: Out of all three of the routines, this is the most intense workout and it’s designed for people who want to maximize their results. This workout is a better choice for people who want to pack on the muscle but have slacked off on hitting the gym. This workout can be completed in an hour and should be done three to four times a week.

Old School New Body Diet Plan

The plan also comes with important dietary advice regarding what foods you should include in your diet that can help burn fat, and which foods to avoid because they’re high in sugar or can cause bloat.

The diet section focuses on explaining the importance of a balanced diet and the truth behind calorie consumption. The guide can also help you to make important food choices and helps you to understand the ways in which different types of protein sources can be beneficial to workout results.

With a complete diet guide and meal plan included, this program is well-rounded and easy to follow.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: This program is essentially packed with years of nutrition and workout knowledge.

  • Each of the included exercises is illustrated and come with tips that explain how to get the most out of each exercise. This type of detailed explanation really helps to reduce the risk of injury or strain.
  • Despite the fact that the program is aimed at people over the age of forty, it can be used by anyone who desperately wants to get in shape.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or you’re trim and looking to pack on some muscle, you’ll benefit from these exercises and the patented F4X formula.
  • One of the best programs out there, it’s a very affordable home workout program that doesn’t require you to spend any extra cash on expensive supplements, workout equipment, or special diets.  Instead of providing a strict guide of the foods you have to eat, the diet section simply explains the importance of diet, so you’ll understand how to make better food choices in the future.
  • The exercises can be done in the comfort of your home, so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership or weights. Most of the exercises use bodyweight.
  • Additionally, you’ll have a total of three different types of routines to choose from based on your fitness level and your schedule. The authors even recommend mixing up the routines during the week for more workout variety, so your body will continue to feel challenged.

Cons: Some buyers felt that the author didn’t do a great job of explaining some of the exercises, stating that links to videos that demonstrated proper form would be very helpful.

  • Others felt that the audio interviews with unknown fitness pros weren’t very helpful.
  • The included free reports are a nice touch, but they’re not very informative.
  • The included info on supplements is average.

The Secret to a Safer Workout

These workouts are based on a version of workouts created by the Iron Guru known as Vince Gironda, a famous Hollywood trainer of the stars. His system focused on workout density, which involved using lower weights and more sets with shorter rest periods.

The lower amount of weight combined with the smaller number of different exercises is what helped to create the F4X protocol, which is the key to what makes these workouts safer and easier on the joints.


Unlike other weight loss programs, you’ll come across online, this is one that focuses on the importance of working for results. The authors don’t push supplements or equipment, and there’s no strict, unrealistic diet that you have to stick to. Instead, you’ll learn about the importance of making healthier food choices, and how certain types of compound movements can get you back into shape, quickly, with consistent workouts. You can choose from a total of three workouts, based on your current fitness level, and mix them up or opt for the more challenging workout, once you feel that you’re ready to advance to tougher routines.


We like the overall versatility that Old School New Body program offers and the fact that it was written by fitness experts who have been in the industry for decades

Affordably priced, easy to follow, and not gimmicky, if you’re looking for a credible new weight loss program to try, then take a second look at Old School New Body.

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